Alchemy Schools
This list describes the functionality of the default navigational buttons utilized by your FirstClass system. The Customizing FirstClass manual provides information to assist in editing/customizing the buttons used on your intranet.
Desktop   Desktop - brings you to your FirstClass desktop (prompts for user ID and password if not already logged in)
Directory   Directory - displays the FirstClass directory
New Message   New Message - creates a new message
Chat   Chat - initiates a private chat
Site Search   Site Search - allows for a search of all or portions of the web content
Search   Search - searches web content at the present conference level and all subconference
Home   Home - brings you back to the home page
Previous Items   Previous Items - when in page view it takes you to the previous list of items (if there are no previous items the arrow turns grey)
Next Items   Next Items - when in page view it takes you to the next list of items (if there no more items the arrow turns grey)
Up One Level   Up One Level - takes you up one level in the FirstClass conference hierarchy
The following are message specific buttons.
History   History - displays the history of a message or document
Reply   Reply - creates a reply to a message using your reply preferences
Forward   Forward - allows you to send a copy of a message to another user
Previous In Thread   Previous In Thread - opens the previous message in the current thread
Next In Thread   Next In Thread - opens the next message in the current thread
Previous Unread   Previous Unread - opens the previous unread item
Next Unread   Next Unread - opens the next unread item
Unsend   Unsend - retracts a sent message
Undelete   Undelete - undeletes an items
Delete   Delete - deletes an item